Storage Services

Integrity Mailing Storage Services

Integrity Mailing Solutions has a safe and secure storage area for mailing products. Our warehousing is part of our wider mail processing solution system.

Quality of Storage Services

We have a vast space dedicated to the clean, dry and secure storage of all mailing materials. Pallet racking provides easy access to stored items at a moment's notice. This on-site warehousing can be used to maximise buying capacity and can also be used for ongoing direct mail campaigns.

Integrity Mailing Solutions ensures that storage of direct mail product is reliable and safe. This way we can be certain that the product is in prime condition.

Integration of Storage Services

Again, storage is fully integrated into our mailing management system and product fulfilment services. Customers are assured that the storage of their products is secure, safe, clean and uncluttered. When the product leaves the secure warehouse, our care does not stop there. We provide complete packaging services to ensure quality of all direct mail and fulfilment orders.