Mail House Services - The Best in Melbourne and Victoria

Integrity Mailing Solutions is an Australian owned company based in Melbourne with a collection of over 60 years experience in product fulfilment, mail processing, mail distribution, secure storage, warehousing and direct mail in general. With our knowledge and experience we are therefore able to provide a highly efficient Service together with a high level of Customer Satisfaction to a wide range of private and corporate companies both within Victoria and Interstate.

Individual Services - Data processing

Data can be received via Hard Copy, Email, or CD

  • Database Management
  • Personalised Laser Letter Production ( A3, A4, Simplex or Duplex )
  • Inkjet Addressing
  • Self Adhesive Label Supply and Production
  • Promotional Management
  • Competition Management
  • Appending Australia Post Barcodes for Postal Discounts

Manual Mail Processing

For Complex mailings that require the hands on approach

  • Collating of Corporate Kits
  • Binder and Catalogue Assembly
  • Personalised Match Mailing
  • CD Packaging
  • Stapling
  • Folding

Mechanical Processing

For mailings that require speed and accuracy and are suitable for High Speed Insertion

  • Insertion: Standard Max: 130 mm x 240 mm ( up to 6 items )
  • Insertion: Medium 162 mm x 229 mm ( up to 6 items )
  • Insertion: Large 229 mm x 324 mm ( up to 5 items )
  • Folding
  • Collating
  • CD in direct mailer sleeve

Plastic Wrapping

For mailings that require clear presentation and protection from the weather

  • Publications
  • Magazines
  • Brochures
  • Newsletters
  • Annual Reports
  • CD's

Shrink Wrapping / Flowrapping

To enhance the presentation of your product

  • Promotional Packs (Cards, Packages)
  • CD's - Singular or Multiples Packs
  • Promotional Food Items


Daily, Weekly or Monthly Despatches or as required

Warehouse Solutions

  • Security Storage
  • Computerised Stock Control
  • Credit Card and Banking Facilities
  • Opening and Sorting of Orders/Responses
  • Accurate Picking / Packing of items
  • Point Of Sale Distribution

Other Services

Our Services also include:

  • Unaddressed Mail
    Do you need to reach New Customers with Advertising or Promotional Material without knowing where to start ? No Problem, Integrity Mailing Solutions can assist you with personalised lists or letterbox distribution.
  • Supply and Printing
  • Envelopes: Small, Medium and Large ( One Colour to Four Colour Process )
  • Carrier Address Sheets for Publications ( One Colour to Four Colour Process )
  • Supply of Cartons & Jiffy Bags
  • Supply printed plastic film up to four colours
  • Newsletters ( One Colour to Four Colour Process)

We have the Integrity, Service and Solutions for all your direct marketing requirements no matter how Big or how Small.