Processing Machinery

Integrity Mailing Processing Machinery

Integrity Mailing Solutions possesses both four station and six station inserting machines with a five station master mailer for all your C4 insertion work. Having a variety of machinery enables us to process your work using the correct machinery for accurately and efficiently.

The biggest asset of Integrity Mailing Solutions is our staff together with well-serviced and fully maintained equipment to complete the task. Therefore, our customers have a mail house that provides a service that is second to none in both Integrity and Service.

Integration of Mail Processing Machinery

Our mail processing machinery is integrated into the overall mail processing solution system. Product fulfilment, mail distribution and mail storage are all part of our mail management system.

Main Types of Mail Processing Machinery

Integrity Mailing Solutions is proud to offer exceptional mailing services for mechanical envelope insertion, mechanical letter folding and high speed inkjet addressing.

Printing campaigns, advertising or any other requests are fast, simple, flexible, and extremely cost effective. Our inkjet addressing service is fully integrated and automated. The mechanical insertion capability of our machines allows us to insert and seal up to six items. (Of course these items must be suitable for insertion). Mechanically, we can insert mailing items that range in size from DL to A4.

All machines have sensors not only to ensure the correct quantity is inserted but also that the insert is, in fact, inserted. At the conclusion of each mailing the quantities are checked against the addressing machinery and folding machinery (if used) to ensure that the correct quantity has been processed. Upon validation the mail is cleared for lodgement.

The high speed mechanical folder allows us to fold an A3 single sheet to A4 or an A4 single sheet to DL in a single pass whilst counting each sheet for validation at the next stage.